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"Buy or Sell a Home With Me... Save a Dog's Life, I Guarantee!"

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I am the “Realtor to the Rescue”. I am a Realtor serving the Valley of the Sun!! I am passionate about helping Pets – All Pets, Big and Small, Furry and Bald, Homeless, Hungry and Hurt.

Hi, My name is Barb Forsyth,  Realtor to the Rescue. I have been in the Real Estate industry for 23 years. My passion is to support our community in meaningful ways through charitable causes.

I accomplish this by contributing a percentage of my income to a variety of  local  animal rescues,  Maricopa County Animal Care and Country, and organizations. 

I am passionate about educating the public on the life of the rescue dog, the pit bull breed and what it is like to be tainted by sheer ignorance. 

I have been an entrepreneur and a philanthropist since I was 18 years old.  Always had the passion to be helping others.  I entered the mortgage industry, found out how good it felt to help folks buy their very first home….. I never looked back!

After fighting a battle with breast cancer,  it made me realize that I had to find my purpose.  While healing from my illness, I obtained my Real Estate license and found my purpose…I wanted to help dogs. Homeless, sick, abused, hungry, and ones that  just needed love.  So I reached out to Rescue organizations and Maricopa County shelters and started to fulfill my passion.

I love helping families buy and sell their homes, and that means their pets too!!  Do you realize how important it is to have the right yard for your pet?  What about stairs? Do you have a senior pet?  And what about those swimmers? The more I can help families, the more I can give some financial support to pet community!

Need Help Buying Or Selling Your Home?

Don’t worry anymore! Call or text me anytime at + 1(480) 295-2619 or fill out the form below to email me and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!